Saturday, October 30, 2010

Which Wireless Microphone is Best?

Question from a reader:
I am looking for a wireless rechargeable microphones (dual) for home
karaoke. What I have in mind right now is either the Acesonic UHF-2932 or VocoPro
My questions:
1. Which one is better in terms of quality & durability?
2. What are the feature differences between the two?
This is a tough one to answer because picking a wireless microphone for home use is complex.

First, of the two microphones you mentioned, I like the Acesonic UHF-2932 quite a bit. It has the ability to switch channels (16 different channels per mic, or 32 choices f
or 2 mics) which is really nice if you get a lot of wireless interference in your venue. Acesonic is good for quality and they have always been quick to rectify any technical problems I've encountered. The tech support at Acesonic is actually SUPPORTIVE.

VocoPro is a very popular brand. It is more widely known and has been around longer. Nothing wrong with it, but the Acesonic mic has better features at a better price, IMO.
That being said, I actually would pick a completely different mic than either of these if I were you. If you are using it at home, I would suggest you look into VHF microphones. I only say it because the FCC has recently passed a law restricting the public use of certain UHF frequencies by wireless microphones. So far the FCC has only restricted the 700 band UHF frequencies, but I think the writing is on the wall. (They will do it again and again - they are making money selling off the UHF bands to cellular and cable companies.) FCC promises to designate a frequency in the 500 band for UHF wireless mics, but I don't think it is worth the risk of buying UHF for home use until the whole thing shakes out. UHF mics are less vulnerable to interference than VHF, but in your home that shouldn't be a problem.

I like these VHF wireless mics quite a bit:

IDOLpro VHF-269
It is one my most affordable rechargeable wireless, and the rechargeable battery is 9v. A lot of people like that. Nice quality, too.

An older yet relatively unknown karaoke brand. But they have good stuff with good features and pro DJ durability on their equipment.

Both of those mics work in the VHF band, which the FCC shows no interest in auctioning off to the highest bidder. ;-] Good luck with your mic selection! (It's strangely complicated, isn't it?)

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